Learning how to program games

This page will teach you the basics to make your first steps into the world of game development for mobile devices.

Step 1 - In Game engines:

The first step is to have a proper game engine for the game that we want to develop., For example for simple games, in two dimensions, such as those i show here, I use Game Maker Studio.,
The GMS is a game engine developed by YoYo Games, Has a Pay fee (200USD to develop on android).
I choosed this engine becouse it is very simple and fun and fast for developing marketable applications that do not require complex or too many graphics in 3 dimensions.

Among the most prominent gaming engine from my point of view I've found are:

Oriented 2-d, single engine:
- Game Maker (payment)
- Corona Simulator (payment)
- GameSalad (payment)
- AppInventor (free)

Oriented 3-d, complex engines:
- JMonkeyEngine (free)
- Unity 3D (payment)

Step 2 - From the documentation and information available.

The second step is to find the documentation on the game engine that we will use., In the majority, of which I show here at all, there is much documentation on how to use the game engine, from this are:

- Tutorials (texts, videos)
- Forums
- Documentation of programming language, classes, scripts, etc..

For example in the GMS game engine there is a community forum GameMaker:

Here we found  FAQs, Q & A, GML tips(GameMaker language used), GameMaker courses, Resources for your games, ideas for development, etc.

There are also two books writer for his creator:

The GameMaker apprentice and GameMaker Companion., 
With which one can learn a lot from this game engine.

Step 3 - From The practice and experience

Once had the engine and the documentation we have to get to work, the only way to master or at least be able to develop a game or application is a lot of practice, it should think and imagine that we would like to create a project, any idea that we have, without prejudice to the difficulty, and then try to bring it to life (code and design)., on the other hand there are always patches that we find to be patching our creation, what I mean by patches?
What I mean is that not necessarily have to create everything from scratch, there are many things already done by others that we use in our game and our development faster and easier, without leading to a problem of copyright, there are a lot of resources code design also available and all of these for free!.

For example, there are many free scripts GameMaker donating users of the community and are reusable in many games, there are also resources on the network as graphics or animated gifs images that we use when designing the characters and levels.

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