Jun 11, 2013

Playstation 4 on E3, new details revealed

Ps4: new details revealed.

Ps4 has been oficialy revealed and it is probably smaller than most of us has thought., but having inside the unbelievable great graphic power of this incredible new generation console.

Here you can see how it looks:

You see its size compared to the gaming control wich is the size of a human hand more or less.

Also sony has announced its price on EEUU market wich is...Guess...

Just 399 dollars!!!, yes you can have the next gen of console from sony for just 399 dollars so you have no excuses not to buy the most powerfull gaming machine for this price and probably much more too.

Now we will show you some pictures of some images of the ps4 first games so you can see the great graphics capabiility of this machine by yourself:

Assasin Creeds 4






Moreover other details has been revealed like:
  • Cloud services for gaming downloads avaiable in ps4 cloud library.
  •  Play station plus  accounts will serve for ps4 too and of course ps3 and vita.
  • Ps4 will support used games market.
    • Trade in game markets.
    • Sell it to another person.
    • Lend it to a friend.
  • Ps4 won't require to check anything online to play games that do not require online connection.

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