Apr 27, 2014

How to monetize your web

On this post i will talk about how to monetize your web., The first thing i came to mind is to have a google adsense account, search google and you will have some tutorials about it, but have in mind that you will need a lot of traffic to have a decent income, so you will need to work hard and stay tunned in your blog or web page.,
Other option is to sell some digital goods adding to your page some sort of digital good, like art, images, ebooks, etc., The more options you have, the more probability of success, you can link your payments with some global payment options like paypal.

Now i will talk about some of the keys: suscription.
Suscription is a key on manteining your visitors, its a fundamental asset, if you can mantein your visitors you probably will have a good growing factor so your incomes can stay tunned and can grow each month.

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