Game Maker Lessons

Game Maker Lessons

On this posts i will guide the benginners on a series o game maker lessons and also prepare a pdf for those who want all compacted in one place, and also a video for those who dont like reading (you dont have excuses now not to learn! :-) )., The series beggins with an introduction for people who do not know it.

General Faqs:

¿What is Game Maker?

Game Maker is a fast developing game tool that permits people with poor or nothing experience on programming creating games that are able to play on pc, mac, ios, android and recently windows 8.

Game Maker is a payed engine, but it offers some limited free engine for the benginners to test it and see if it fits your needs.

 Game maker is an event-driven engine, that means that on game maker actions are triggered when events happens, such events can be the mouse left button releases, the room starts, the game starts, i will go futher on them in the series.

 I reccomend if you want to give Game Maker a try that you download the lastest version, game maker studio on its free version, and if you like it and have a small team and mid good games developed for pc (wich can be done with the free version), that you consider on buying the standard version with some targeted platform to beggin such as android , ios or win8.

¿Is Game Maker a Robust engine?

 Game Maker offers a drag and drop interface so that more likely actions can be done just dragging and dropping, but this do not offers much freedom when creating a game, so that is where Game Maker language GML came into action, GML is the Game Maker official languaje of programming and is like any scripting languaje and offers the freedom for the mid-high experienced users who needs it. So Game Maker is robust enough to develop mobile games and fast enough for a small team to develop interesting games on very small time, that is , have profits on markets.

-------------------- Lessons ---------------------

Here i will start the online lessons from 0 to advanced so you can start learning GMK studio., Also in future i plan to export all lessons to a pdf.



Lesson 1


Lesson number 1: Setting up GMK Studio.

On this lesson we will learn how to download and intall gmk studio free so you can start having a touch with it:

First of all we will have to download it from

Once downloaded we will click the downloaded exe and install it.


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